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72 icons→ Ao no exorcist, Card captor Sakura, Fruits basket, Fullmetal alchemist, Guilty Crown, Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Hiyokoi, Kamisama Hjimemashita, Karekano, Kill la kill, Kuragehime, Kuroko no Basket, Kyoukai no Kanata, Maho shoujo Madoka magika, Nana, Pandora hearts, Parfait tic!, Ranma 1/2, Sailor moon, Skip beat, Sword art online, Tomodachi no Hanashi, Yumemiru Taiyou

Some of them are unfinished stuff from anime20in20 and stuff from other contest I participated :3

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Tags: ma: ao no exorcist, ma: card captor sakura, ma: fruits basket, ma: fullmetal alchemist, ma: guilty crown, ma: hiyokoi, ma: kamisama hajimemashita, ma: karekano, ma: kill la kill, ma: kuragehime, ma: kuroko no basket, ma: kyoukai no kanata, ma: mahou shoujo madoka magica, ma: nana, ma: pandora hearts, ma: parfait tic!, ma: ranma 1/2, ma: sailor moon, ma: skip beat, ma: sword art online, ma: tomodachi no hanashi, ma: yumemiru taiyou
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